Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day 2009…A day to remember. I hope you join me in remembering and honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom.

I watched The View this morning with my wife. On that program Barbara Walters and her four friends had, as guests, two women who either still were or had been members of the military and had served in Iraq. Both had lost legs to roadside bombs. Concluding the interview Barbara Walters asked them, “Do you think the war there is worth it or has it been a mistake?” Without hesitation and in unison they said it was well worth it and both would even return to the fight again if possible. You could almost see Barbara Walters sink in despair. She had been caught off-guard never expecting such an answer.

While watching this show, I was struck by the fact at how many people simply do not “get it.” So many Americans live in a fantasy world in which they see self satisfaction as their primary goal in life. They live their lives so unrealistically, either unaware of or habitually denying the intense evil that exists in our world. They are totally unaware that their freedom is NOT free, it has cost the lives of a million of our best citizens since 1775 and will continue to cost the lives of America’s finest.

One of those to give his life was my uncle Paul Stuart. Among my mother’s memoirs is a letter from him during the course of his service in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Returning over the Sea of Japan after a bombing run on Kobe, his B-17 was shot down. He and his entire crew lost their lives. The only evidence of his service was the recovery of his leather flight jacket. In his letters back home he never mentioned about being scared, only that he was so happy flying, doing what he enjoyed doing best. As a result of his sacrifice, he never enjoyed the loving arms of a wife or the silly grins, loving hugs or infectious laughter of children whom he never fathered. He gave his life so that we as a nation could continue to live in freedom.

Our country is not perfect, and it never will be perfect. But this country is certainly the envy of the world. If not, then why are so many people in other countries risking so much attempting to come here for a better life. On this Memorial Day 2009, let us not forget those who have offered the ultimate sacrifice and continue to do so in order that we might enjoy lives that are blessed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Initial Thoughts on Our World in 3-D Blog

As an observer of our culture, an avid follower of the news and opinions of the day and one who acknowledges opinions of his own, I am initiating this blog. Here, I can share my thoughts on issues of our times, on observations and experiences that often change our lives and on my family life. Never too personal, don’t expect me to reveal secrets that, by their very nature, should and will remain hidden; but where I feel that others may benefit from my experiences, whether positive or negative, I will share them.

Because I was born and reared in the capital of New World history, Pensacola, Florida (discovered in 1559, six years prior to St. Augustine, FL), my interest in the past, where we have been and where we are headed naturally flourished. So I majored in history in college, and am, by nature, a history buff. In part, that interest is also rooted and grounded in a quotation by George Santayana: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” I am convinced that if we only look back to the experiences of our forebears, we can often avoid many of the pitfalls that appear in our paths toward personal, cultural and political fulfillment. Thus it is only fitting that we recognize the contribution of history to our lives so that our mass consciousness is not distorted and our cultural behavior not deviant.

It is my hope that you will find this blog interesting, stimulating and, perhaps sometimes, even controversial. I welcome reactions; however, not reactions based solely on emotion but rather on fact and/or a belief system that incorporates both fact and faith as fundamental structures.

If there are subjects about which you might wish for me to write, simply share a comment on the blog. I will do my best to offer whatever constructive observations I can with respect to the subject.

Here’s hoping that our future together can be a mutual learning experience.

May 14, 2009